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"Those With Closed Minds Loose the Benefits of the Open Minded..." D.A.D.

If You Like Performance, You Found the Right Place.
Custom Carburetor Modifications are My Specialty.

I Can Re-Curve Your Distributor on a Sun Distributor Machine Too.
This is a Holley 850 I Modified.
It Has the Proper Fuel Curve to Feed a
413 Small Block Chevy.

This Carburetor
PASSED Missouri's Stringent
Emissions Dyno Test!
This is My Friend, Jim Selby's Jeep.
My Friend Bill is Dwarfed by This Puppy....
Can You Say HUGE???
You Don't Want to See This
in Your Rear View Mirror..
One KILLER Road Runner!
I Saw This at The Car Show.
He Calls it The "FLEA"
For Machine Shop Service and  
All Your Parts and Recommendation
Contact Doug at Herzog Motor Sports
(314) 355-6999
To Go to His Web Site,
This is a BBC TunnelRam That
Has Been Converted to EFI With a
Pair of 2400 cfm Throttle Bodies
To His Disbelief, This Biker Can't
Believe This Cop Could Keep Up!
One of Many Nostalgia Funny Cars
at Gateway.
OH OH...
This is What I Call a "Trucktor"
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