Chris Keehner
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Andy Ditton
Guitars & Vocals
We Cover A Wide Spectrum of Influences
                      Such As...
Bugs Henderson, Mountain, Warren Zevon, B.T.O., The Box Tops,
Blues Image and Many More...
Plus Original Offerings as Well.

"James & the Flames" is intended for Entertainment Purposes only...
Prolonged exposure to
"James & the Flames" has proven neither harmful or educational...
Any similarity between
"James & the Flames" and an organized musical entity means the mushrooms you ate
were really really good...
No farm animals have been abused during
"James & the Flames" testing,
not even behind the barn around Midnight, Honest...
"James & the Flames" has been, is and always will be, a "Bonehead Production"...
See your nearest pole dancer for further details.
2008 - Bonehead Productions
Jim Alexander
Guitars & Vocals
We also operate;
"Bonehead Sound Services"
a P.A. service for your stage production needs.

For Club dates and Outdoor events, Contact us @ 314-550-0517
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