Pics & Videos
We Will NEVER Forget!!!
F*%# You O-sama!
Darrell Russell
You Will be Missed!
This is my Friend Jeff; He has the Joy
of Piloting this Beast
Can you see anything different
about this truck?
It is a V-16 Detroit Diesel.            
Twin-Supercharged, Twin-Turbo'ed.
Massive Pullin Power!!!
Honk if Your Horny!!!
Can you say, Barge/Tug Boat Motor?
I Think This Guy Was Late for Work.
NEVER EVER, Do This...
Caution.         This IS Graphic.

A Bad Guy Clips a Car and Rolls,
   Gets Ejected From Vehicle,
            Then RAN OVER!
      Can You say "Rag Doll"?
An Engine Blows During a M/C Road Race.

Serious Mayhem to Follow...
See? I Told You It Would FIT !
One Insane Mountain Climber